World of Possibilties

It is a treasure to lust for. A new shipment of art supplies has arrived.

The boxes sit stacked leaning against the wall. I have yet to open them. I know in those boxes is a world of creation. This feeling of joy and expectation happens every time. It is that moment of truth. What will I bring this time? What will come out? I don’t know a painter around that doesn’t stand in front of a clean white surface, and pause if just for a moment. It is in that moment that the universe opens up to us if we let it.  It can be like standing on the edge of this vastness and deciding to jump.

The best abstract painters come with the idea that the approach is to let who we are go. We are at our best when we can strip ourselves down to our core. I believe what remains becomes the conduit for transcendence to our higher self. Certainly we absorb our world around us, and we are a compilation of that good, or bad. It is what is underneath that lives with us. It is what is underneath that matters.  We are layers, as in prayer, or meditation, or in those quiet moments when we feel that expansion of a higher consciousness. We don’t lose ourselves as much as we expand. Granted, these are pretty lofty ideas when in reality all we are doing is mark making. It can be a romantic notion that we can delve deep, and find that essence, that magic, that mystery that is us, that when we create it comes from this sacred place.

The boxes contain a world of possibilities. Can I let myself go enough to create something without intent, without constraints?  Can I dig deep, and paint with complete freedom, and abandon knowing it is me? Time to jump in.